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Deltora Quest #3: City Of The Rats

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Deltora Quest 3 City Of The Rats

Scholastic Inc.

Author: Emily Rodda

Shopping to buy an extremely good book? You ought to read Deltora Quest #3: City Of The Rats written by Emily Rodda! The author is Emily Rodda and it was published around June of 2012 by Scholastic Inc. The book is 160 pages long. For more information about this children book, check out the market add to cart button on this page.

The international bestselling series returns for a new generation with a fresh appear and bonus content from the legends of Deltora. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine--three companions with absolutely nothing in typical but their hatred of the enemy--are on a perilous quest to recapture the seven lost gems with the magic Belt of Deltora. They have succeeded in obtaining the golden topaz as well simply because the great ruby. But none of them can know the horrors that await them in the forbidden City of the Rats. The two gems' mysterious powers have strengthened them and presented them courage to move on in their search for the third stone. Only when the Belt is complete can the evil Shadow Lord be overthrown.


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